Fellowship Program

What is a chiropractic specialty?

A chiropractic specialty is a discipline recognized in Canada, by the Federation and provincial chiropractic regulatory boards in the areas of sports sciences, orthopedics, radiology, physical rehabilitation and clinical sciences.

The chiropractic specialist has attained post-graduate qualifications in one or more areas of chiropractic specialties and is known as a Fellow. Fellows must have completed a minimum two year full-time post-graduate residency program which includes written and practical requirements as well as a comprehensive Fellowship examination.

The role of the chiropractic specialist

The primary role of the chiropractic specialist is to assist the treating chiropractic practitioner with a clinical impression or a second opinion, treatment options, and recommendations with respect to diagnostic investigations, with complicated cases or if there are potential mitigating factors affecting the rate of recovery.

Chiropractic specialists are also utilized as “experts” in a variety of areas including research, independent legal and insurance examinations, teaching and in multi-disciplinary clinical settings.

What can you expect?

The chiropractic specialist will schedule a comprehensive examination of your patient which will include clinical impression as well as the following:

What is the cost?

The chiropractic specialist will typically schedule a comprehensive evaluation and provide a detailed narrative report to the treating chiropractor as one would expect from a medical specialist. The fee for such services varies depending upon the purpose of the examination, and specifics of the case.

The CCPOR Fellowship Program is currently being developed and more information will follow.