Graduate Studies Program

GroupIn 2011, the Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation College’s Education Committee started to map out a new Graduate Studies Curriculum, in partial fulfillment of Fellowship requirements, with CMCC. The new 1000 hour, three-year core program has been designed to be delivered in a sequential manner through a hybrid combination of in-class, on-line, self-directed and practica opportunities.

The Education Committee is also looking to develop a number of one-year special interest certification programs in Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation. What is envisioned are one year (200-250 hour) special interest programs in the following areas – Geriatric Rehabilitation, Paediatric Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Neurological Rehabilitation, Pain Management and Occupational Health.

The new curriculum design will allow interested chiropractors to complete their Graduate Studies requirements with less disruption to their current clinical practices and the requirement to travel on a regular basis to a central location such as the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario for training. It is proposed that the program be open up to a maximum of 10 new students per year with a maximum of 40 students in the program over any given four year period. An additional 10 chiropractors who have partially completed the prior field-practitioner program will be accepted per year for a five year period. Graduate Students would have to complete all requirements for each year before being allowed to progress to the next level or sit for the Fellowship examination. The additional year allows Graduate Students extra time should they have difficulty completing their yearly requirements. All chiropractors wishing to be Graduate Students in Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation will have to apply to the Graduate Studies program and be accepted before they will be allowed to participate.

The Physical & Occupational Rehabilitation College and CMCC were originally committed to an October 2014 start to the new curriculum. However, due to changes at CMCC and within the Canadian Federation of Chiropractic, the 5 Specialty Colleges are looking to develop a common core curriculum for year one requirements. This process is currently ongoing. Please check back on a regular basis for new dates.

ClassroomThe College has also developed a Mentoring program for Graduate Students where they will be paired with a current Fellow to facilitate the learning process.

Details for the Application Process, the Graduate Studies and the Mentorship Programs are outlined below:

CCPOR Application Package CCPOR Graduate Studies Program Calendar CCPOR Mentorship Program